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Experts in virtual events for business. Where broadcast production meets digital marketing engagement to capture the attention of your online audience.

Re-imagine your events as online shows, your customers as your audience, and their attention as your competitive advantage.

About Event X

Event X, virtual events created by our specialist team at Agency X.

Combining over 20 years of broadcast production expertise with the latest in digital marketing engagement technologies, Event X is here to create unique online event experiences for your business.

From audience awareness pre-event, through to customised event website registration and live stream interactive show production, Event X virtual events transforms the way you communicate. Designed specifically for internal conferences, external market launch and online trade events.

Event X - Virtual Events to Inspire, educate and engage the online world.

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How It Works

Build your virtual events with modules,
fully customisable to your needs



The market conditions have changed for everyone. Remote working is on the rise, face to face meetings in decline. Virtual events online are key to customer collaboration and how well we will compete in this new, changing environment.

Case Studies

Please find some client reference virtual events that are public facing in our case study links below. Each Event X online project is customised to the specific requirements of our clients and we will be delighted to share our experiences of best practise for your virtual event when ready. These might give you some ideas.